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onlinetalks.globalxr – Experiences in VR

20. April um 19:0021:00


The Choice: A VR Experience for Creating Real-World Impact by Joanne Popinska
Art in XR by Paige Dansinger

At this live online event, we have two fabulous speakers who will talk about virtual reality experiences. If you want to learn about impactful VR experiences, make sure not to miss this event. The broadcast will be live on our YouTube channel.

19:00 UTC+2
Welcome & latest news by Alexander Meijers & Saskia Groenewegen

19:15 UTC+2
The Choice: A VR Experience for Creating Real-World Impact by Joanne Popinska
The Choice is an interactive virtual reality series where women tell their stories—many for the first time—about choosing to have an abortion. In these powerful first-person testimonials, women share the complex emotions, inner dialogues, and events—visualized through delicate animation—that led to their decision. Virtual reality creates an intimate, personal encounter where viewers feel engaged in a conversation—rather than a debate.

In the first episode, viewers meet Kristen, a young Native American woman from Austin, Texas, who dreams of raising a family but instead finds herself facing a painful and dehumanizing system. It becomes clear that the title of The Choice has a double meaning: it is about the actual choice that women make, but also how freedom of choice is often denied.

This VR experience utilizes the unique psychological impacts of VR to create a strong and lasting bond between the audience and the storyteller. Participants are not merely watching Kristen’s story; they are joining in on the conversation by asking her questions. Moreover, the VR headset immerses the participant in a quiet space with Kristen, placing her virtually five feet in front of the participant, creating a sense of personal connection that goes beyond debate.

By creating an intimate and personal encounter between viewers and storytellers, The Choice offers a new approach to discussing abortion that shifts attitudes and behaviors. In her presentation, Joanne Popinska, the director, will share the process of creating this impactful piece with the goal of creating a real-world impact.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch The Choice yet and would like to, you can get in touch with Joanne Popinska for applab codes.

20:00 UTC+2
Art in XR by Paige Dansinger
Can Art in the metaverse create positive impact outside of the metaverse? Art is critical in XR community-building, wellbeing, and creating new revenue systems. Learn how Better World Museum and Women in Horizon are using art to build a stronger sense of belonging, identity, empowerment, and impact in community member’s daily lives, and communities, outside of the metaverse. The art we create in the metaverse makes a better world in real life. People who watch this presentation will want to live for making art in the metaverse!

20:45 UTC+2
Wrap up by Alexander Meijers & Saskia Groenewegen


20. April
19:00 – 21:00
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Online Event


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