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onlineEnter the Metaverse

2. Dezember 20213. Dezember 2021

50 Euro

Explore the future of the Metaverse

The worlds largest online Metaverse event

2nd-3rd December 2021

Creating the Metaverse


Dissect the components powering early Metaverses and the advancements around standardisation and infrastructure that strive to solve accessibility, interoperability and scalability. Explore the convergence of AI, Blockchain, VR/AR and more in the emerging Web 3.0, as they power this new age of social and commercial engagement now, and in the future.

The Impact of the Metaverse


Delve into the vast possibilities the metaverse enables, as it unshackles creativity and human empowerment in fascinatingly innovative ways. Social, entertainment and gaming will all evolve, but so will our sense of identity, understanding of digital assets, retail, fashion, commerce, advertising. Is it one Metaverse, or many? Learn about the possibilities of world-building, play to earn and much more..

Unpacking the technologies that underpin the metaverse, and the myriad of possibilities unlocked

Immersive Experience

Our ambition is to replicate the interactivity of physical networking events, online and accessible to all. Ask questions and upvote your peers. Share your opinions on the future of the metaverse through live chat and speaker polls. Take home additional resources and presentations from speakers. On-demand access to all sessions.

Network With Everyone

Dive into industry-leading networking experiences throughout the event. Speed network with other guests or hang out in the general chat room. Alternatively keep up the learning and dive into extended Q&As or Round Table discussions with speakers and experts, to dig into the weeds on some of the sticky topics!

Learn at your own pace

In this new ‘normal’ of virtual events, flexibility is often the differentiator between good and great. At Enter the Metaverse, you can watch sessions live, but with the ability to rewind and rewatch any content you missed, immediately after it’s aired. Reinforce your learning with on-demand access in HD post-event.


2. Dezember 2021
3. Dezember 2021
50 Euro
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Online Event


Tech Circus
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