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iLRN Virtual CampusiLRN 2022

30. Mai 202231. Mai 2022

The 8th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN 2022) will be an innovative and interactive gathering for a flourishing global network of researchers and practitioners collaborating to develop the scientific, technical, and applied potential of immersive learning. It is the premier scholarly event focusing on advances in the use of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and other extended reality (XR) technologies to support learners across the full span of learning—from K-12 through higher education to work-based, informal, and lifelong learning contexts.

Following two years of innovative fully online and in-VR conferences, this year’s conference will, for the first time, offer a hybrid experience with two days of presentations and activities on the iLRN Virtual Campus, powered by VirBELA, followed by three days on location in Vienna, Austria. Scholars and professionals working from informal and formal education settings as well as those representing diverse industry sectors are invited to participate in the conference, where they may share their research findings, experiences, and insights; network and establish partnerships to envision and shape the future of XR and immersive technologies for learning; and contribute to the emerging scholarly knowledge base on how these technologies can be used to create experiences that educate, engage, and excite learners.

This year, the iLRN 2022 conference is a hybrid event that will take place in two venues:

  • On the iLRN Virtual Campus, with a range of other online environments and platforms being used to augment the attendee experience as well as showcase the affordances of the immersive technologies for learning, social networking, and collaboration.
  • In the city of Vienna, at the premises of the FH University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna.

iLRN Virtual Campus

The iLRN Virtual Campus is based on Virbela, a 3D virtual world platform “that brings people together in an immersive environment to work, learn, meet, and train from anywhere at any time.” iLRN is fortunate enough to benefit from an ongoing strategic partnership with and support from Virbela, who are also the Platinum Sponsors of the iLRN 2022 conference.

The iLRN Virtual Campus is freely accessible to iLRN members, and there is currently no cost to join the Network as an individual member. However, registrants for iLRN 2022 will be given special access to dedicated spaces/rooms on the Virtual Campus that will be used for conference sessions and activities and that will not be accessible to non-registrants.

Additionally, private spaces are available for lease on the Campus by educational institutions and by other organizations that are aligned with our mission, vision, values, and ethos—and that are committed to the innovative use of virtual and immersive technologies to promote high-quality outcomes for learners across the lifespan. Please email for more information.

Note that the iLRN Virtual Campus application is not the same as the Virbela “Open Campus” application available from Virbela’s website.

The iLRN Virtual Campus application can either operate in desktop mode on a Mac or Windows PC (system requirements can be found here), or alternatively, used with a tethered PC VR headset (HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest with Link Cable). Mobile device support is not available at this time.


30. Mai 2022
31. Mai 2022
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iLRN Virtual Campus
iLRN Virtual Campus,


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